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Dictionary result for infinity
noun: infinity

    the state or quality of being infinite.
    "the infinity of space"
    synonyms:	endlessness, infinitude, infiniteness, boundlessness, limitlessness, unlimitedness, extensiveness, vastness, immensity; infinite distance
    "she stared out into the infinity of space"
        an infinite or very great number or amount.
        plural noun: infinities
        "an infinity of combinations"
        synonyms:	infinite number, unlimited number, very great number, abundance, profusion, host, multitude, mass, wealth; More
        informal heap, stack, ton;
        informal shedload
        "an infinity of different molecules"
        antonyms:	limited number
        a point in space or time that is or seems infinitely distant.
        "the lawns stretched into infinity"
    a number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number (symbol ∞).
    "the transmission approaches 100% as the frequency tends to infinity"

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